Our goal here is to sell the highest quality wristband product at a reasonable price simply and quickly.
With over 100 years of combined service experience in the custom paper wristband printing industry, we set the standard in providing the highest quality, versatility, security and personalized service.
Letting CustomPaperWristbands.com handle your custom paper wristband needs assures you of the best the industry has to offer.
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Have your name or logo custom printed on any of our wristbands to personalize your event and market your company.
Our Custom Paper Wristbands are Non-stretch, single use and Tamper proof! Waterproof, peel off adhesive. Custom Paper wristbands has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people across the world.
Our Custom Paper wristbands come in 10" x 1" and 10" x 3/4" sizes, featuring the Tyvek® material. Custom paper wristbands come in 16 different colors.
Our Stock and Custom Plastic Wristbands are made from a beautiful glossy non stretch material and comes in a wide variety of colors with a secure permanent plastic or reusable snaps. Size: 10" x 3/4”.
Our Plastic Wristbands Stock or Custom, are made from a beautiful glossy material and comes in a wide variety of colors with plastic snaps. Size: 10" x 3/4".
Our Vinyl Wristbands, are stretch resistant and feature a "Easy Lock" single snap closure. Imprinting is available on all of our vinyl bands, we've designed them longer and softer for extra comfort.
They come in a wide variety of both Neon and Solid colors, once exposed to bright or black light, they tend to glow and add visual effects to your establishment.
Our new economy wristbands are the paper wristbands made of our high quality Tyvek®  material. The economy wristbands is the future and cost less! They come in a wide variety of colors. Size: 10” x 3/4”.
They have the same security and waterproof features, consecutive numbering plus higher quality imprinting, and they will not tear or stretch. They adjust to any size.

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